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Pica Pica Ukulele Orchestra

Korean Ukulele Ensemble  Each being active in various fields, piano, violin, heavy metal vocalist, flute, ocarina, cajón, pan flutes, guitar player and reseuneo, indie labels representing music befitting the name of the Ukulele Orchestra back and forth freely without border classical and popular music ukulele orchestra that combines both a professional and popularity. Leader. Kim Jong Hwa/Yoon Yong/Seo Hyun Woo/Park Jung Yoon/Jamse Jeong/Kim Su Yong/Bae Jung Han/Han Ju Hee

Youn Joong Sun/Lee Si A/Lee Chang Min/Choi Hyun Jin


42th Hawaii Ukulele Festival / UkuFefe / Korea Ukulele Festival

Seoul Art Hall (with. Cello - Nam Su A) / Single Album - Pica Pica

Jecheon International Music & Film Festival - Hawaiian Ukulele



Pica Pica - Pica Pica Ukulele Orchestra
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